Nowadays monitoring and controlling network components are a useful tool in network management systems. USP is also considered as a reliable power source for computers, servers and other network components.
In this context Faratel offers different tools with various capabilities for different uses and has presented UPSwing family softwares.
Advanced features:
  • Ability to monitor up to 100 Faratel UPSs over the network
  • Capability of remote monitoring using Web, software console or telephone line
  • Ability to communicate with UPS via serial or USB port, Serial to Ethernet converters, Network adaptors (SNMP card) and other UPSwing Pro softwares
  • Equipped with warning tools (Event Messenger) such as E-mail, SMS, Pager, SNMP and etc. for different UPS estates announcement
  • Equipped with advanced logging system and ability to make report
  • Ability to monitor all UPS critical parameters
  • Having different versions for different common Operating Systems
  • Ability to save and close open files, down OS and UPS by sleep/wakeup schedule or in critical events as low battery
  • Upload new versions of softwares continuously in Faratel website and ability to free download

Download the latest version  
UPSWing Pro for Windows